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Cortland International is pleased to announce a new agreement that appoints Wiggler AB as the sole distributor of all Cortland products for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, effective as at 1 September 2014.

Cortland International Director Trevor Maundrell and Wiggler principles Hans Lindholm and Leif Lindholm made the joint announcement. 

“Scandinavia is an important market for Cortland International and for the Cortland brand’s global growth. Recreational fishing is embedded in the Scandinavian culture and we believe this new strategic alliance with Wiggler will create further opportunities for Cortland in this region, in sportfishing as well as fly fishing,” said Maundrell. 

“Cortland International is looking forward to working with the Wiggler team to ensure Scandinavian anglers have access to a full range of Cortland products, including the world-famous fly lines, rods, reels and accessories, plus a growing range of sportfishing lines, leaders and accessories,” he said.

“In 2015 Cortland celebrates our 100-year anniversary and as Cortland looks forward to the next 100 years, we like the idea of more Scandinavian anglers enjoying the vast array of fishing waters throughout all four countries, catching fish on Cortland lines. Wiggler has the skills, resources and experience to achieve that vision,” said Maundrell.

Hans Lindholm said: “Cortland is a great brand with great products and a long history in Scandinavia. Wiggler is proud to now be representing Cortland in our region. The possibilities and new products are exciting and we look forward to working with Cortland International and achieving success for Cortland throughout Scandinavia.”

“Wiggler’s full Cortland range will be listed in the coming 2015 season catalogue and our sales staff will welcome any enquiries prior to that document’s release,” said Lindholm.

Maundrell said: “Cortland International would like to thank BIOS AB for the previous management of Cortland’s distribution and we wish BIOS every success with its ongoing business.”

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